Senior Picture Ideas

Your Personality-Your Style

Senior picture ideas -Fun and Natural

The best Senior Picture ideas will come from within you. Your senior portraits should display a visual story about who you are - clear images showing your personality and style.

Your unique photographs should visually describe a really cool Biography of yourself.

It's up to you, your imagination is the only limit to the ideas possible for your images.

    Are you a three star athlete, a success in several sports ?

    Do you have musical aspirations and dreams ??

    Does your future hold a Medical path ??

    Is running the country a dream of yours ??

    Your High School Senior pictures can give you an opportunity to express yourself, show your pride and special accomplishments in a photographic manner.

    These Dynamic images can be transformed into many cool looking and unique products that are awesome for gift giving..

    • custom canvas tote bags with imbedded images
    • large Canvas Gallery Wraps ready for hanging
    • Digital photobook
    • Custom Photo Magazine cover
    • photo enlargements for your room
    • photo bookmarks
    • 12 month calendar
    • personalized mousepad

    Your teen photoshoot will be a fun well co-ordinated experience.

    Images of your High School or Grade school Graduation are a must have in your life, they represent a milestone moment in your young life..

    Will Your formal set of senior photographs honestly describe anything tangibile about you ?

    • will any of the photo show that you are an accomplished musician ?
    • will any of the images tell anyone that you are heading off into the medical profession ?
    • will your graduation pictures show your excellence at 3 sports ?
    • do any of your high school pictures show high highly you are regarded in the community ?

    Now's your chance, fill in the Contact me Form and lets co-ordinate your fun images - let your senior picture ideas come to life.


    Robbie Belmonte




    Senior picture ideas -Fun and Natural

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