Confirmation Pictures

Celebrating Your Child's 4th Sacrament

Your child's Beautiful Confirmation Pictures will show their achievement of the 4th sacrament when you purchase my photography services for your special event.

The Sacrament of Confirmation completes the Sacrament of Baptism your child was introduced to approximately 13 years earlier

Confirmation is considered to be the 4th sacrament of Christian Commitment & learnings for the Catholic ways of life.

Completing the ceremony,all Christians are asked to openly profess their practice and faith, never being ashamed of it, rather to be proud & to build character.

Confirmation Pictures

At your child's ceremony, the Bishop or priest will pray that the children receiving Confirmation may receive the Holy Ghost with these words "I sign with the sign of the cross, I confirm with the chrism of salvation in the name of the father ,and of the son and of the Holy Ghost"

Which Value added Benefits will I receive for your Services?

  • Opportunity to create a unique and personal Photo invitation
  • Session time for photos at home with Family & Friends
  • Photography time at the church
  • Images of the party & reception

Those are great value added services...what about products?

Here are the fabulous products you will receive when you purchase the full service bundle for Confirmation Pictures

  • An album of edited images from all locations
  • Your own personal CD with all the album images files
  • Cool DVD slideshow presentation to view on your TV or PC
  • Free local delivery

As a practicing Christian myself, I realize fully how important functions like Confirmation, Communion and Baptism.At all times I will be honest with you, treat your family and guests with respect and promise to deliver great images that you can share with family and friends.

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