Digital Photography Portraits Affordable & Fun Photography Services For Family, Events And Pets 
Saving you Time,Money & Energy

Digital Photography Portraits that are fun and affordable are available for your family, Pets and special events at my family photo studio in Woodbridge,Ontario.

Don't worry about being outside of the local Woodbridge area as I do cater to all of Vaughan Ontario and the surrounding Toronto and GTA cities listed at the very end of this page.

For those of you living outside of Ontario Canada and abroad, you can still use the productive services of the following :

  1. Make Your Own Invitations
  2. Photo Business Cards
  3. Car & Truck Door Advertising Magnets
  4. Photo Gift Ideas
  5. Digital Coffee Table photo Books

Digital Photography Portraits to cover your function or project Include :

  1. Family Portrait Photography
  2. Pet Portraits
  3. Family events - Communion, Confirmation, Baptism & more
  4. Business trade shows and annual meetings
  5. Photo Invitations for your special event
  6. Fairy Pictures in my Enchanted Forest
  7. Youth Sports photography Portraits
  8. Photobooth Rental - "Robbie Style"
  9. Pregnancy Pictures
  10. Golf Course photographer for that special event or client.

Family Photography Portraits-with jeans & white tops with my High Key Photography setup.

Family Portrait Photography. Include your family pet. Fun and casual Digital Photography Portraits.

Family Portrait Photography.A beautiful & elegant theme at my Family Photo studio in Woodbridge,Ontario or your home.

Digital Photography Portraits comes in many forms and just as many styles.

I am really looking forward to offering you the most complete stress free photography services packages for Families, Pets,Business and Special Events that will exceed your expectations in Woodbridge,Ontario

Affordable sessions and packages are available to suit most family budgets ensuring you receive Fun photography producing memorable images.

You receive an unbeatable bundle of products/services in your package at 1 all inclusive price.

Are You Slightly Intrigued To Discover More ?   Please read on

Discover These Complimentary In Studio Benefits
Of My Digital Photography Portraits Family Photo Studio

  1. Friendly home studio environment ( and a just as friendly me on location sessions )
  2. lifetime digitally stored files. If you ever lose your CD of images that you receive or it stops working you will get a new copy complimentary.
  3. free local delivery of your session package to your home or office.
  4. complimentary in studio session refreshments-water and juice for the kids while adults may have a coffee or tea.
  5. kids quiet area when at my home family photo studio in Woodbridge,Ontario when kids and pets need a sessions break

My Family Photography studio is located just south of Woodbridge Avenue's famous and delicious Nino D'Versa Bakery in Woodbridge,Ontario. A great place to go once the photo session is over to taste some amazing Gelato, wood oven pizza or an espresso.

I pride myself on Providing you and your family with Good Digital Photography Portraits for your Family, Special Family Events and Milestone Events Photo coverage. Pet Photography and Fairy Pictures in a calm laid back and unhurried professional home environment as well as Busness services

All full service packages come with lifetime guarantee of your CD, should you ever lose it, break it, have your child use it as a coloring board -I guarantee you will get a new one.

Warning :You may experience symptoms of spasmic laughter,eye duct watering and uncontrollable muscle contractions with your remote control when you view the DVD slideshow that is especially made as part of your full package. The DVD slideshow Contains every image from your album.

This DVD show also contains sound as well. Many people have so enjoyed their DVD slideshows that they order an extra copy to gift because they've considered that purchase a better buy.

When you schedule one of my Digital  Photography Portrait family sessions,one of the cool benefits that it features is a no time limit restriction. ( I would love to see you all for more than 3 -5 hours, but you'd propbaly get sick of me saying " ok, Just one more picture " -lol. 

I honestly believe that some sessions need a little more time and patience to get comfortable before the photo process can begin, and then exercise patience once the photo process begins.

The resulting images are well worth the extra time taken - rushing is not on the menu....Rushing children has the same effect of overloading of sugar, there won't be much listening done.

Exactly What Will A Full Service Digital Photography Portraits Package Offer Me When I book Family or Pet Photography

  • A splendid album loaded with 4x6 edited prints is just part of your exclusive full services package
  • a cd with photo cover of all the images so you can make more on your own, email them, save them.
  • the cool dvd slideshow, playable through your DVD player and seen on your large TV screen or laptop and comes complete with a custom dvd photo cover.
  • Complimentary free local delivery to your home.
  • You receive an unbeatable bundle of products in your package at 1 all inclusive price.

      You May Be Wondering ...
Why Bother Purchasing Any Digital Photography Portraits For My Family or Business ?
Let Me Tell You Why You Should !

  1. Save your valuable time,energy by not having to take the photos
  2. Worry about downloading all the images to your PC or laptop
  3. Save time by not having to edit any of your images
  4. Spend time uploading the files to a retailer or worse still, drive there to upload them.
  5. Making arrangement for picking up the prints from a retail lab
  6. Making an additional stop to buy an album for the pictures & a CD cover.
  7. And finally taking the time to assemble a photo album and begin to share the images with family and friends.

The Enchanted Forest Is Calling You
Fun And Affordable Fairy Pictures Details You Need To Know About These Elegant Portraits

Fairy PicturesFairy Pictures in Woodbridge,Ontario

The Mystical Enchanted Forest Fairy Pictures packages offer your child a unique photography experience, a different kind of Digital Photography Portrait.

Fairy Pictures can be scheduled to be done solo or with a sibling or friend.

Stage the Fairy pictures session at your location ( assuming the space is available and safety concerns for all are good ) and share the cost with other little girls.

Imagine your daughter (or grand daughter,sister,niece....and yes, even yourself ).......

  1. As they are trying on one of the custom made fairy pictures costumes
  2. the look and feel of the Enchanted Forest studio set
  3. the beautiful sounding background music, very nature like
  4. Viewing the resulting images, you then have the opportunity to have made a Canvas Gallery Art piece of real treasure -Your family.

Pregnancy Or Maternity Pictures

Choose from a simple photo session for just A Few Images or you may decide on the Full service offering.

The option is always yours, tailor your session to your budget. You can always book with another mom to be and share the cost of the session for Pregnancy Pictures

The simple session allows you to have some really nice digital photography portraits capturing a special time in life.

- just a few images in your 8th month or early 9th month

The attractive full service Pregnancy Picture package insures you receive all the images documenting your pregnancy stages and baby's 1st year photo.

1- Have 4 sessions at my comfortable family home photo studio & receive a BONUS 11x14 photo collage or ....

2 -Save the drive & I'll arrive at your home for 4 sessions with no travel costs to worry about. ( local clients )

Don't forget Pregnancy or Maternity pictures of you also has the option to include siblings, your husband/partner, just about anyone you wish to add.

These great Digital Photography Portraits will be yours to enjoy for years to come.

Special Family Events Photography

When  you decide to choose my full service Family events package, you will definitely reduce any stress and anxiety you would have had associated with hiring a non professional or inexperienced person to cover your special event. Family Photo Events are "Family Heirlooms" waiting to happen

You will finally get to enjoy your the company of your guests and experience the ambiance of all the planning you worked hard on.

Don't get caught running around trying to arrange groups to photograph and capturing the details of your event.

You receive an unbeatable bundle of products in your package at 1 all inclusive price.

Hopefully, the situation below has never happened to you, I have however seen it happen many times.

You Asked Uncle Joe To Take Photos At Your Function, But.....

  1. Joe lets the batteries die and doesnt have a replacement set in his pocket -No Photos
  2. Oh Oh, Joe forgot the camera in the car-no photos
  3. Yikes, Joe has his finger over the flash -dark photos
  4. Joe doesnt check the memory card and finds out too late that it is full, with no replacement card in his pocket
  5. Joe shows off the photos he took,but mistakenly deletes the memory card - no photos
  6. Poor Joe didnt arrive on time, he couldnt find parking and missed the important shots -no photos.

My apologies to anyone named Joe or anyone taking photos at a family event, there is a certain amount of pressure involved at certain times. I just believe the cost of my Digital Photography Portraits services saves accidents from happening and a family going without any photos into the future of a special time.

Pet Portraits For Dogs & Cats
Cute Dog Pictures - Cute Kitten Pictures

Golden Retriever PicturesCute Dog Pictures in Woodbridge,Ontario

Im a very proud Dog owner, I love my golden retriever. His name is Gizzmo and we purchased him from Willowcreek Goldens in Orangeville.

Just about Every dog owner I know, and that includes you are very proud of their 4 legged friend and even more proud when it comes around to showing off their Cute Dog Pictures.

Cute Dog pictures are in everyone's wallet, on a lot of fireplace mantels and some adorn a large spot over the fireplace.

Dogs are so much fun to photograph, I especially enjoy the socialization with the owner and their dog.

During your session I will give your dog enough time to get acquainted, feel good and be comfortable before an attempt to get some cute dog pictures.

To schedule a cute dog pictures session you can choose between studio time session or maybe even your home or alternate location.

Business Photography Services

  1. Trade Show photography coverage
  2. Annual Conference Photography services
  3. Staff photos for website and Photo Business cards
  4. Vehicle Business Magnets -great advertising

As a Business owner your revenue earning daytime hours are valuable.Time is after all worth money.

You will soon discover that a 9 to 5 appointment with many vendor is very difficult, they are busy making money, being productive and growing their business.

Sometimes you wont have the chance to order any Digital Photography Portraits services after hours -Its a make do type of scenerio.

But you can take advantage of my staggered studio working hours and schedule an appointment early in the morning or later in the evening.

When all is said and done,you and your staff will receive solid images for your marketing materials,website promotion or other media requirements.

Instill trust & credibility with clear pictures for your current clientele and potential future customers.

Do you drive for your business ? Do you have multiple drivers on the road delivering for you ? - If you don't already have Car Door Magnets advertising your business, Click here to discover more.

Does your doctor, eye specialist or dentist's office have boring or completely bare walls that scream out to be filled with something more visually exciting?

How boring is it to keep staring at the bowl of fruit photo or artistic painting on most walls ?

You can help to fill those empty spaces with fun and natural works of different types photography that are very affordable, suitable and guaranteed to brighten up a room.

Just have the office manager contact me for details, you will recieve a commission for your referal.

     Photo Business Cards
Show Off Your Digital Photography Portraits Proudly

Photo Business cards offer you and your business a unique personal product. -Click on this to go to Photo Business Cards section

Including Photo business cards as part of your networking, you will give your business a face. You will give Faces to your product and services.

Build and maintain strong customer relationships with current and potential clients while boosting employee moral with affordable Photo business cards.

Check for yourself the impact they will have. Place 3 text only cards on your desk, place a 4th card that has photos on it....stand back and look, what do you see and which one stands out from the rest.

Sexy Photography - Yes...For You

Look in the mirror....

You are one of a kind person - Beautiful,sensuous, captivating and graceful in every way.

Immortalize your beauty & personality with elegant and Sexy Photography Images

Unsure This Is For You, Please Ease Your fears -Great Features

Really Fun and affordable Sexy Photography Portraits

  1. Complimentary consultation to discuss your session, and answer any questions and to become comfortable with your decision.
  2. Complete assurance of client confidentiality. Without written consent your images would never show up in any public medium including my website.
  3. Choosing from my home studio or your location session for discretion and privacy 
  4. Be comfortable knowing you will not be rushed in any manner,the session with no time limit ( lol, there is a limit...I do have to walk my dog after a while ) 
  5. For confidence and re assurance and to save a few dollars You can choose to bring a friend or companion, hairdresser/make up artist.

Unfortunately Time Stops For No One The Time For Sexy Photography Images is Now !

Time stops for no one, capture the essence of your beauty today.

Choose any style from the listing below:

Hollywood Style Black and white Glamour

Maternity Nude : Elegant and  Stylish Implied Nude

Pin Up photos: Celebrating the female form

Boudoir: Classic and sexy images

Lingerie Set: Sexy, Elegant Images

Photo Gift Ideas

Convert any image from any of your sessions into a great photo gift idea to share with family and friends.

New Digital Coffee Table Books are produced with so much quality and professionalism. The books are simply gorgeous.

Save your time and money on repeated trips to specialty stores and create your own beautiful memento with your choice of the many photo gift ideas available here.

They are precious to receive as a gift and are perfect for giving to parents, grandparents and siblings.

Some of the offering available are Canvas Printing, custom photo puzzles, photo handbags and Cool Photo Magazine Covers.

Youth Sports Photography
A Star In The Making !

Playing sports allows your child to experience triumph,defeat, teamwork and work ethic.

Youth sports photography services will photograph your young talented superstar with an in studio session or a location session.

Imagine the look on your child's face and how they will feel when they see their youth sports photography images proudly displayed or used to create these item.

- custom laminated photo bookmarks for handing out.

- personalized photo magazine cover, make your own storylines and magazine name.

- sports trader cards, dress for and strike the pose of your favorite sport

- multi image collage photo, why settle for 1 image when you really like 3 or 4 of them

- uniquely designed photo mousepad

The kids in the neighbourhood will be so envious of the assured your kids will tell them.

Senior Picture Ideas


What can you say about them that has not already been said, published or debated.But we love them right ?

Ok wait a second....we were all once too. Remember when you were a young energetic teen.

Teenagers are at a special juncture in their lives. Only a few years removed from simple playground activities with structure and rules, they are now faced with more rules,increased structure and with making major decisions that will shape their near term future and beyond.

Having said all this, Teens have a place when it comes to photographs. Thinking about senior picture ideas puts the ball into the hands of the kids.

Your Teens deserves the opportunity to show visually :

- who they are and how they'd like to be shown

- their accomplishments, both academically and outside the classroom

- future hopes and dreams, what they aspire to be.

Have your teen share with you ideas for the senior pictures they would like to take.

Your child would be able to show their:

- sports accomplishments

- musical talents

- career aspirations

- scholar awards

- potential leadership dreams.

Photo Invitations -Cool And Personal

Baptism Photo InvitationBaptism Photo Invitation

Receiving & opening an invitation will always induce a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you.

Now imagine opening a photo invitation for a special event.This is a much more personal touch don't you think ?

You now have the opportunity to have a photo invitation card created, custom wording at your disposal to make the photo invitation truly unique.

You can Use a session image taken with me or use one of your own. A fun way to send beautiful event announcements to your family and friends.

Maybe your thinking that while a photo invitation may be a cool idea you'd rather go a little more traditional but keep the personal touch. By clicking here you have the opportunity to use the co-branded storefront I have created when I partnered with Tiny Prints. They are known worldwide for helping you create great invitation for your function or event. Fast and cost effective, you will definitely find something you will be proud to send to your guest list. 

Dance Photography

Dance photography -Woodbridge,OntarioDance Photography - Photography by Robbie of Woodbridge,Ontario

Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Musical theatre and competition dancing are all beautiful forms to participate in and photograph.

I love to help the kids capture their Dance Photography  images with the poses they like and family will appreciate.

Building confidence and teamwork, your child will learn a dance skill and meet new friends.

The studio is always ready to photograph your child to create some great gift giving ideas for family and on expensive packages - purchase only what you require.

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