Baptism Photography
Celebrating the First Holy Sacrament

Baptism PhotographyBaptism Photography - The First Sacrament

Capturing beautiful images for you is my goal when you hire me for Baptism photography of your child.

By the time your child's Celebration day arrives,you will have undoubtedly worked hard to arrange the Church services,the Invitations,locating the Venue for your reception,flowers and gifts and much more......but there is one more important part of the recipe you need to take care of - Great Pictures to remember !

Your Solution will be......Hiring a Good Photographer

Baptism PhotographyBaptism Photography- The First Sacrament

Hire a Professional,Eliminate the Stress and Worry

By hiring a photographer you will eliminate any stress you may put on yourself, You wont have to worry about "getting those important images.

Comparatively speaking, of value added goods and services I will provide for you, far outweighs the purchase investment.

The end results of hiring a non-pro for your Baptism Photography may be a huge let down after you worked hard organizing a fabulous event.

Just think of the Precious Images You Will Receive and Long Remember

  1. Your child at play prior to the event
  2. Candid Family images
  3. Your child getting dressed by Godparents
  4. Detailing images of the event
  5. Church Ceremony
  6. Reception pictures
Baptism photographyBaptism Photography -The First Sacrament

Baptism is the First Sacrament in your child's Christian way of life, a once in a lifetime special family event.

This First sacrament is symbolic of receiving entrance into the total embrace of God and his teaching for life and the Church

Symbolic of Cleansing the body from original sin of man and will make your child a "Child of God" with the traditional pouring of Baptismal waters.

Capturing all the moments of the big day is carefully orchestrated.You will receive images at your home, at the local Church as well as your reception celebration.

By Hiring Me for Baptism Photography You Will Save....

  • Hiring a non-Pro that doesn't do the job well for you
  • Worrying about equipment to use
  • Dealing with the memory card after the event
  • Batteries that won't function at the wrong time
  • Accidental file deletion in your camera
  • The dreaded "Red Eye" in lots of your images
Baptism PhotographyBaptism Photography

Some people may be a little annoyed at having me follow their every move at a special family event, 

I do try to be out of the way most of the time ....but all have been definately excited and thrilled with the results they receive.

Value Added Services I Will Provide for You at Your Event

  1. Free Local delivery of your Goods in your package
  2. Extensive coverage of your event
  3. Affordability and Credibility
  4. After an initial deposit, you don't pay till I deliver the goods.
Baptism Photography -Woodbridge Ontario Family Photo studioBaptism Photography

Amazing But True...Here Are the Products/services you will be Receiving during The Baptism

  • Time and Coverage at your home,the church & reception
  • An album of edited images
  • A CD of all the edited images,perfect for reprints
  • A Gorgeous DVD slideshow of all your images
  • Complimentary local delivery of all the products
  • Opportunity for ordering Great Photo Gift ideas
  • One all Inclusive affordable price

Baptism for your child is a joyous occasion and the photography images from that day are special keepsakes for all time.

Use the Contact me Form below to schedule your child's Baptism Photography will be delighted with the results and proud to share them with family & friends.

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