Car Door Magnets
Highly Visable And Affordable
Mobile Business Marketing

Car Door Magnets are so incredably productive. Just think, they go wherever you go with your vehicle and is seen by countless pedestrains, other vehicles and social media.

These highly visible mobile signs are very affordable. They are really east to be read from a distance and act as giant mobile business cards.

Imagine this : You are stuck in heavy traffic ( again ), traffic moving so slow in both directions. Drivers do their best to stop themselves from going mad by being distracted visually with signs. You look left out your window and there is someone staring at the car door magnets;your advertising getting noticed and read.

Now you look left out your passenger side window and there before your eyes is another ad, this time on a large truck showing his Pool Construction business photos and message -Bingo, you just read his business mantra.

Car Door Magnets
Can Be For All Business
Time To Show Off Yours

These big magnets are colorful. They can be designed with any color you wish, any design to make a visual impact and be read.

The magnets are made by various vendors, but the ones I create and continue to use to this day on my truck are apporximatley 16" tall by 26 inches long. 

The signs do the job for you. They are colorful, visible and mobile.

Anytime you use your vehicle for pleasure or business your signs will be seen. Your message is easily read and doing the first leg of business for you.

Your new giant sized business card magnets will be :

  1. Seen during any drive you take with your vehicle
  2. Read while you are parked in a busy shopping center
  3. Noticed while parked in your own driveway or a clients driveway

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How To Get Your Car Door Magnets

  1. You need images for your signs. If you are in the Vaughan Ontario area you can choose a local Woodbridge photographer like myself to photograph products, yourself, and assist in design.
  2. If your located outside the Vaughan area, contact a local photographer or obtain your images from a stock photo agency.
  3. Determine the wording you would like to see on your signs.
  4. The final design is completed and sent to the printer, order a pair so that you can adhere one sign to each side of your vehicle.

Extra Tips To Consider

I have seen some business owners create 2 sets of designs to test out different marketing messages. They put a different sign on each side of their vehicle.

Bright backgrounds get noticed more. White or bright pastel colors seem to be noticed from a good 10 to 20 feet away.

Keep the font of your message in an easy to read format. Make your message short and to the point.

Remember, you can use mulitple images to tell a story. Please use the large canvas size of the layout to its full potential.

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Please use the Contact Me form below to discuss any part of the process. 

To book a photo session to use the images on your Car Door magnets you can call me at -416-559-9243

If you plan to use stock images from IStock photo agency, its best to have in mind the types of images you may like to see. There are millions of images hosted there and the feeling of being overwhelmed can slow you down.

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