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Sessions With My Favorite Little People

Child Portrait photographyChild Portrait Photography -Family Photo Studio In Woodbridge,Ontario

I simply just love to photograph children....ask anyone that know me, I'm still just a big kid. My passion of photographing kids is only surpassed the kids excitement during the photo sessions.

Child Portrait Photography can cover many themes, each one special in their own way.

Each and every child is their own unique person, just ask them and they'll tell you just that with a gorgeous bit of brutal honesty.

Children for the most part love to pose for the camera.However, it's not always as simple as this. Kids will be kids, there are days when they too have a lot on their minds, they are growing, changing  and for them it's a lot to digest - so, enter the cranky pants mood. Can you blame them ?

How Does A Session Plan Work 
For Child Portrait Photography ?

  1. The session details will be planned out prior to the session detailing choices for clothing, background and more
  2. Day of the session, Please don't RUSH, arrive safely to my family photo studio in Woodbridge. There are no penalties or additional fees for reasonable lateness.
  3. During the session, getting to know the kids will help to promote trust and help deliver a fun photo session and great images.
  4. Kids need a break sometimes, if needed, we will break for something to drink, bathroom time or simply a little rest time. Please don't rush the kids, I certainly will not.
  5. Once the session is completed  we can make arrangements for delivery of the package you selected. Delivery or pickup at the studio can be planned out.
Child Portrait Photographer - Woodbridge,OntarioChild Portrait Photography - Woodbridge,Ontario

Not Sure Of The Packages Available ?

Your budget will determine the package that suits your needs, here is an outline of a complete photo session package.

Maybe all you'll need are a few quick images.

Some families choose only a session time with edited files only on cd, so that they can print them on their own time.

You can also opt for a session time and a mini album of proofs along with your CD.

Finally, the Deluxe or Tall Grande, or Trucker size double double....sorry about that, must be the caffeine - The Full package of session, album, CD and cool DVD slideshow is listed below...keep reading.

In terms of clothing, this option depends largely on a few things. Will this be casual, jeans and white shirts, more on the elegant side, or even a fun costume session. You can even opt for a multiple change format, some kids who balk at getting dressed may be enticed to do some photos if you let them be themselves for a bit.....cue the costume idea.

The boys below were a lot of fun....I had a great time, getting them to trust me enough to help them all sit together without rough housing each other took a little bit of time and some patience by all involved, but at the end of the day, mom got the shots she wanted.

The boys were pretty tuckered out after the session but mom and dad got what they wanted -Some really nice photos of their children and the children got a surprise for doing well for their parents - a trip to their favorite ice cream store.

Child Portrait photography

What Will I Receive In Terms Of Goods and Services with My Child Portrait Photography session

The Child Portrait Photography Full Package Includes All the Items listed Below.

  • Session time ( no hidden fees for being late or running late )
  • 4x6 edited proofs in an album
  • a CD with all the edited images that are in your album
  • a DVD slideshow with custom photo wrap around cover
  • free local delivery to you or choose to pick up at my home studio
Child Portrait photography

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers

  1. What if my child gets sick at the last minutes, can I cancel and re schedule ? - Answer : yes of course, nothing is more important than your child's health, the session can be re-scheduled
  2. Will I be charged if you are not able to get any good images ? Answer : no, you will not be charged for the session - sometimes it happens, there is no rhyme or reason - it's a kid thing.
  3. If my child somehow colors on my CD, breaks it or loses it, will I get charged for another ? - Answer:, LOL, no you will not be penalized, I'll create another CD for you complimentary

Custom Photo Magazine Cover

When you opt to create one of the custom Photo Magazine Covers,you will be able to make your own story lines, pick the photo or photos you'd like to see on the cover and bingo....a really nice ready to frame memorable photograph with your personal touch.

Child Portrait photography -Photo Magazine Cover

Photo Collage - Pick Your Size

Mix and match the photos you'd like to see and i will create a photo collage of the size you need. Add wording or leave as is with your photos

Child Portrait photography

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