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Contact me to inquire about or to plan and co-ordinate any of the photography services listed below. 

Hiring a photographer like myself is an essential first step in the right direction when you are event planning and looking for visual business services to document while you enjoy the guests company and manage the party.

Even when you are planning family portraits, kids pictures or even the family pet.....Get in touch with me and I will help you achieve your goals.

Get in touch with me if you are in a Business environment and need assistance with buisness cards, portraits for your website, coverage of your annual conference.

Avoid the stress,anxiety of having to "The Photographer" as well as event co-ordinator. Avoid any disappointment or regret of delegating just anyone to "Take a few pictures "

Do you coach a sports team or run a sports program at school ? Then contact me for fun and natural images at your school or in my home studio in Woodbridge,Ontario.

Many Options Available To You

  1. Pregnancy Pictures
  2. Photo Business Cards
  3. Fairy Pictures
  4. Photo Gift ideas
  5. Family Photography Milestone Events
  6. Family Photography Portraits
  7. Senior Picture Ideas
  8. Youth Sports Photography
  9. Dance Photography Portraits
  10. Business Photography services
  11. Photo Invitations

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Do You Get A Chance To Enjoy The Special Events That You Have Planned? 

Say yes,and finally enjoy the company of your invited guests, mingle and work the room and soak in the terrific atmosphere you worked hard to create for your event.

Do your research, you will see that the services and benefits i offer you. Let your heart make the right decision.

Not Convinced yet ? Please Read On

Here is a Classic example, I see this happening all the time...Eg.

Your child's First Holy Communion is next summer, you will find that you are going to be busy with the following tasks prior to your child's big day....

  • Finding, preparing and sending out your Invitations
  • Sourcing out a Venue and/or caterer for the Reception
  • Determining any Floral Purchases for VIP's
  • Completing any Church registrations
  • Visiting and also considering to purchase any Jewellery 
  • Cake and Cookies preparation and ordering
  • Lets not forget that perfect dress for yourself.
  • Shoes...just the right shoes for the special event or party

 There is Something That Seems To Be Missing From Your impressive List But What is it...Contact Me

Ahhh...Of course........the Photographer !

Baby Portrait photography Business Services Portrait Family Portrait photography Youth Sports Photography - Golf
Baby Portrait Photography -Small little feet that will one day fill big shoes Business Personality Lou Schizas interviews teen producer at the Shining Through Centre for Autism Gala Fundraiser Family Portrait Photography with your pet make great gifts,awesome Christmas cards and are a crowning jewel to hang in your home. Youth Sports Photography -The Champions of Tommorow are todays wonder kids displaying incredible athletic talents.

Just Imagine the terrible feeling  when you discover you will Not be Receiving.....

  1. any printable images of your family and guests
  2. a single photo of the custom made cake you ordered
  3. a simple family photo with the guest of honor
  4. pictures of any of the special attendees and guests
  5. any pictures at all because the camera batteries went dead
  6. any pictures at all because the camera was left at home or church
  7. any memory of any kind other than unusable smartphone images

The end results of any of the above can be quite painful long term.

When hiring just anyone to take "a few photos", you allow uncertainty to enetr in the equation and cause havoc to all the preparation.

I will however agree with you that by hiring me it will definately cost more than asking "uncle Charlie" or "Aunt Mable" into doing the images for you, but at the end of the day I will be the affordable and certain solution for your photography needs.

Honestly And Quite Frankly....

You have worked hard for months so that everything will go well, the cost of my services in comparison to other vendors and the resulting products you receive will leave no doubt in your mind about what to do.

When your special event is over, all that is left are visual memories with your photographs.

Conduct a little research,ask a few  photographers for quotes on services and you'll find that my quote will be far and away a very good deal for what you receive in terms of time and products.

The final decision is respectfully yours of course, and while I hope you choose me -everyone's buying decision is impacted by other criteria and may not an easy choice to make.

Hope to hear from you regarding your plans, please call 416-559-9243 or fill in the contact form below with your comments and questions, we'll get back to you quite quickly.

You too can learn how to Build a Website like mines and make yourself a thriving business or earn a few part time dollars

Woodbridge Ontario Family Photo Studio PhotographerSelfie - Robbie Belmonte - Photography by Robbie

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