Digital Photography Art
Affordable Decorative Art For Your Home Or Office

Art can be subjective to the trained professional.Digital Photography Art on the other hand doesnt have to be.

This new type of self created Art is for those of us ( myself included ), that know very little about good art but we know when we see something pleasing to the eye hung art pieces. 

Art lovers can distinguish from paint strokes, abstract and  feel for works of art. Digital Photography Art however begins with a pleasing image you already may have in mind. 

Examples of Art We already Own

  1. A beautiful landscape you have taken while on vacation
  2. Gorgeous sunrise or sunsets
  3. Colorful and crisp rainbows after a storm
  4. Your own pet dog,cat,birds
  5. A simple outdoor bistro scene from a vacation spot
  6. Most sporting activities like golf,baseball,basketball and hockey
  7. closeups of interesting floral or fences, even rocks
  8. The treasures that are your children
  9. Late day city nightscapes...imagine long exposure images
  10. Animals in the wild or the zoo.
Digital Photography ArtDigital Photography Art - Your photos on Canvas

Ever notice how picky we all can be when it comes to deciding what exactly gets hung on our walls. The frames and items we hang onto our wall are important to us, the items have meaning or they just make us feel good...and for just that reason it's good enough. We all have different tastes, but as long as you appreciate it, that's all that counts.

Manipulating any of these images with the best software editing tool ( imho its photoshop ), is very easy to accomplish.

If you dont have the software to do this on your own you may contact me and we can arrange the file to be sent to me electronically.

I can then edit the file and give you 2-4 different manipulated images that you can choose from, the cost for this service is only $50.

Once you have the completed file, you can use the recommended vendors - list here - to create stunning decorate pieces you can proudly hang at home or in the office.

For example, please look at the image below. A beautiful bouquet of flowers I took a photo of during a Wedding Celebration. A few tweaks in photoshop, an elegant frame from the craft store and WHAM - Gorgeous Digital Photography Art ready to hang in your home or office.

Digital Photography Art - Family Photo Studio in Woodbridge,OntarioBeautiful Bouquet of Flowers

printing Options You Will Have

You can choose to have your digital photo file printed on high quality photography paper and then at some point you would need to mat and frame the print to be completed.

You can also choose to have a beautiful canvas gallery wrap made, its a really nice looking piece of ready to hang artwork, no frame is required.

Im Not Kidding....
Your Photographs
Into Great Art Pieces

Purchasing expensive art pieces fall only into the hands of the few.If you are like me and just cant manage to play in that playground then hands down, there is no better art presentation to proudly adorn your home or office than something personal you originally started with -that's what Í call a masterpiece.

From a father of 2 kids viewpoint and a photographic artistic viewpoint I like the original works of art my kids created as they were going through school.

The masterpieces that they proudly brought home to show us are being turned into digital Photography Art that my wife and I will use around the home.

Digital Photography Art
Yes You Can do it

Printing your images on a canvas surface versus printing them on quality photographic paper allows for a 3D feel to your art pieces. The photographic paper is essentially flat while the canvas gallery wrap comes in various widths allowing for depth of the images for your eyes.

With no disrespect to anyone in the art field, be they a purchaser of fine art or the masterful creators with eloquent brushes and vision, Digital Photography Art allows for self created masterpieces.

Created electronically and printed with today's technologies because at the end of the day quite frankly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...that would be your choice

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