Fairy Dress Up Parties For Your Child's Birthday Celebration
Cool & Affordable 

Fairy Dress up Parties - Woodbridge,OntarioFairy Dress Up Party -Give Your Child A Unique Present

Fairy Dress Up Parties are so much fun for your daughter and her friends.

They are uniquely planned kids theme parties that can used for functions such as Birthday's or get together's for imaginative young girls.

The parties can take place at my home studio or they can be hosted by you ( assuming the space is there at your location to set up the Enchanted Forest ).

These kids theme parties offer you a cool  alternative, an affordable solution to the sometime chaotic and costly retail kids parties that can be put together.

Fairy Dress Up Parties allows your child and her friends to enjoy some time together, stretch their imagination in the "Enchanted Forest"

The resulting images for all the kids in attendance are well worth the cost and effort of organizing and staging.

 Fairy Dress Up Parties...Here Are The Details You Need To Know

Choosing one of the Fairy Dress Up Parties will be much more involved when compared to the usual unleashing of the kids at a jumping castle or indoor style playground.

Indeed, you will have an opportunity to plan the structure of the party and follow an Itinerary so that you and a few adults can take a bit of a breather. It will be an all girls party.

Set up your party schedule to suit your needs and energy commitment. At my studio the idea number of girls would be up to 6,but more may be accomodated at your location if the space is there.

Offer the children something a little different, one of the few  kids theme parties that come without a 2 hr time limit and the stress of being Rushed in and then Rushed out of the usual retail store play area.

Fairy Dress Up parties - Woodbridge Ontario photographerFairy Dress Up Parties

Ok, This Sounds Interesting....Tell Me What We Will Receive If We Book One Of The Fairy Dress Up Parties

  1. The Fairy costumes are provided for you and will fit girls aged 4 to 10 years of age.
  2. Water bottles, Fruit Juices and Cups are all provided for you.
  3. Wood oven Pizza, a veggie platter and fruits are also available for you in a Buffet style setting
  4. Complimentary Coffee and tea for the adults
  5. Kitchen area with Tablecloths,napkins,refrigerator & microwave for your use.
  6. One affordable price package that includes photography.

Fairy Pictures - You & Your Guests Will Receive The Following ...

  • Each child will have 3-4 poses taken with their complete custom fairy costume in the Enchanted Forest
  • Each child will receive a 5x7 for each pose within 5 working days
  • The Birthday child will receive a 5x7 of each pose plus a Custom 8x12 Enlargement withing 5 working days.
  • Beautiful DVD Slideshow set to music for the Birthday Girl that includes of all the kids for a really nice keepsake.
  • Enlargements and other photo gift ideas are available as an extra purchase. 

Benefits Of Fairy Dress Up Parties

All the kids photos can be picked up at the studio within 5 working days or delivered to your home location for distribution to your child's friends. No need for you to worry about taking photos and missing the party.

You Save the stress of having to purchase and then haul the food and drink to a third party location, order the package that includes everything.

All you need to bring are the kids and the Birthday Cake.

You Save the stress of hosting or going to a chaotic style themed location.

You can also have the option of having everything brought to your home for hosting, space requirements for safety will need to be followed.

Timing or length of the party for fairy dress up parties will vary depending on a few factors. The number of children being photographed and the "kids will be kids" factor.....please be patient, you will not be rushed and I certainly won't be rushing the children.

Please set aside plenty of time for yourselves to arrive, have your celebration and allow yourselves time to wind down....Its a kids theme parties Party, not a Race.

Fairy Dress Up Parties -Woodbridge,Ontario PhotographerFairy Pictures at a Fairy Dress Up Party

Frequently Asked Questions
For Fairy Dress Up Parties

  1. Are Adults allowed to remain during the party? - Yes of course, you are encouraged to do so, this will make the party run much more smoothly and assists me greatly.
  2. How many poses will the girls get? - Usually 3-4 poses with their custom outfits, but I will do more at times, depends on the child being photographed.
  3. What about if we are late? - No worries, you will not be penalized or rushed here, I want you to all arrive safely.
  4. How long do the fairy photos take to be delivered or picked up? - approximately 5 working days before they are ready.

The Price .....What is the Cost ? 

The Fairy Pictures photo session and the complimentary items are only $375.00 for up to 6 children.

These parties for little girls are quite special for them...They are Different

Dressing up is always a big deal for them, and to be dressing up in the custom made fairy costumes with their friends and absorbing the atmosphere of the studio is a great time to be had for them.

Photo Gift Ideas

Please use the Contact Me Form below to inquiry about any questions you may regarding the Fairy Dress Up Parties.

Even if you decide against scheduling a fairy dress up party, you can still take advantage and order your own invitations for your child's birthday party through our affiliation with Tiny Prints -Click here to discover more information.

If your ready to book your child's party, then please get in touch with me by filling in this form or by calling me at 416-559-9243 to book your date and time or we can even meet up to discuss further.

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