Fairy Pictures
A Special Photography Experience In "The Enchanted Forest"

Fairy Pictures -Woodbridge,OntarioFairy Pictures - Family Photo Studio in Woodbridge,Ontario

Experience the magical feeling of Fairy Pictures Photography,also commonly known as "Enchanted Forest Portraits"

An amazingly breathtaking photo opportunity for both children and adults.Imagination comes to life with this style of photography both at my home studio in Woodbridge or on location.

The unforgettable expressions on the faces of the children after putting on the fairy costume with wings and stepping into the" Enchanted Forest" is priceless. The kids use their imagination to conjour up little floating fairies, magical little creatures and the feel of my imaginary pond.

Kids can choose from 2 distinct colorful outfits with matching wings and floral headpieces.

Fairy Pictures
Use Our Cool Costumes & Wings

Children and adults will be grinning from ear to ear with imagination,anticipation and excitement waiting to take their fairy pictures. 

The fairy costumes and fairy wings that are available to wear have been hand crafted from Kitty Girls Design and will fit most children aged 4 to 10.

Completing the gorgeous Fairy ensemble is a cute flowery headpiece and fairy magic wand....and of course a little imagination.

Visit Kitty Girls Designs on the web -a great hand made dress designer and the exact place I procured the costumes I have at the studio.

Do you have your own custom costume or a beautiful outfit that you would like your child to wear on the Enchanted Forest set ?

You are encouraged then to bring the outfit(s) with you, there is nothing more comfortable than clothing you know fit best and looks great.

Welcome To The Enchanted Forest
Fairy Pictures to Treasure

Completing the Fairy Pictures Enchanted Forest studio set is are 2 real looking boulders or my giant mushroom that are used for sitting and leaning on.

Also on set is my hand made "Forest Pond" with real looking river rocks and moss.....sounds messy, but with the help of the mystical creatures in the forest it is a breeze to clean up after you have completed your session.

Fairy Pictures -Woodbridge,OntarioFairy Portraits - Woodbridge,Ontario Family Photo Studio

Wondering if You Can Have The Fairy Pictures Session In Your Home ?

In case you are thinking of having this great experience for your kids at your location....worry not, I have travelled with the complete studio setup to home locations that can safely allow for the setup ( small location charge applies for this location session )

I would happily come to your location to scout out the location you are thinking of using, you may have a bigger location than my studio plus the comforts of home are oh so special.

When you schedule your Photography session tries to stress the experience, the forest sounds playing in the background, the dimmed lighting the magical lanterns that some children can hold to light the way and the resulting images that are beautiful art pieces ready for hanging or gift giving.

Tell Me More About The Adult Version For Fairy Pictures Photography ?

These sessions are cool, the theme has been re-born due to the help of Hollywood and darker movie themes, the photography can take on the darker theme or softer angelic feel, the choice is yours.

Those choosing the Gothic Photography or Dark Fairies, your images can mirror a digital fantasy theme with mystical creatures, alien planets and more.

 Available Choices For You Following The Photo Session Can Include

  1. Custom gallery wraps ready for hanging
  2. coffee table book
  3. personalized photo bookmarks
  4. personalized mouse pads
  5. Canvas totebag with images
  6. Enlargement photos

There are always options for budgets in many ranges so that you will leave content.

Use the Contact Me Form below and you will be in a select group of clients that will get an email notification for "Fairy Pictures Day " specials - usually 2 times a year, it's a quick fun introductory version of the full fairy session but magical and gorgeous nonetheless.

Happy Birthday
Have A Fairy Pictures Party For The Birthday Girl And Her Friends

Fairy Pictures -Woodbridge,OntarioFairy Pictures -Woodbridge,Ontario

Click Here to Learm more about Fairy Dress Up Parties - They are a really nice experience for little girls aged 4-10

2015- Faery Fest's Enchanted Ground Festival 

Faery Fest's Enchanted Ground Festival is happening on Saturday June 20th at York Rd. Park in Guelph,Ontario. 10am to 5pm

A lovely evening to celebrate Enchanted Week with music, old style group dancing, costume contests, tables games, a licensed establishment, and other fun shenanegins! FEATURING: The music of Relative Harmony with dance caller Judy Greenhill.

Faery Fest's Midsummer Masquerade & Dance is taking place Saturday June 20th at the Red Papaya in Guelph Ontario from 9pm to 11pm

Red Papaya Thai and Grill

55 Wyndham Street North, Guelph, Ontario N1H 7T8

Faery Fest Midsummer Masquerade & Dance

Purchase Gift Certificates that can be applied towards a unique present for someone you know and love.

We can even even mail them out for you to Grandkids you believe  would love and desire this sensational style of photography.

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