Family Photo Events Save The Stress-Enjoy Your Party
Allow Me To Photograph Your Special Event

Family Photo Event -Baptism PhotographyFamily Photo Events -Baptism

Your baby's First Sacrament -Capture this with Baptism Photography

Family Photo Event -Sweet 16 PhotosFamily photo Events -Sweet 16

Celebrate Your Sweet 16 with Fun and memorable Pictures -You're only 16 once !

Family Photo Event - First Communion PicturesFamily Photo Events -Communion

Beautiful First Communion Pictures.

Family Photo Events allow you and your family to record many historic and memorable moments in the lives of your family & friends.

Are you simply overwhelmed with all the preparations involved with planning your celebration ?

Wouldn't you rather enjoy your function, the one you worked so hard to prepare ?

Do you need a reliable and proven photographer from Woodbridge,Ontario as your photography solution ?

Assure yourself  by hiring an affordable professional event photographer to capture all the important and fun moments during the course of your event. 

Have You Ever Had To Take The Pictures At Your Function And Then Felt Like This......

  1. You left the party with an empty feeling because you didn't get to socialize with any of the guests because you were busy taking pictures
  2. Ever felt like you missed out on all the dancing at the party...because you were lugging around a camera
  3. Have you ever felt like you were alone, even though you were right in the middle of a crowd of people you know.

Do Yourself a Favor -Enjoy Your Party

Have Fun -Hire A Photographer

Save a family member or friend from these heartbreaking emotional situations.

Hire a Professional Photographer like myself that offers value added services at a reasonable price point and solve your Photography issue.

A Professional Photographer solves the issue of any emotional attachment to any guests and the entertainment part of your family photo event,thus allowing all guests to eat,drink and socialize and allow them to revel in the party atmosphere you created.

Family Photo Event -First Communion PicturesFirst Communion Pictures

Grand Celebrations Bring Families And Friends Together

-Baptism Photography

-First Holy Communion

-Sacrament of Confirmation

-Family Reunion Photo

-Graduation Celebration

-Anniversary Milestones

-Birthday Milestones

-Engagement Party

-Wedding Celebration

-Sweet 16 Photography

-Bar Mitzvah Celebration

-Prom photography

Bridal Shower Photography

For something a little different and definitely a lot fun, add a photo booth rental to your special event. You may decide that you only need me for this fun part of the party. Each family will have their own reasons to pick and choose the options/services that serve them best

Hiring A Professional Photographer For Family Photo Events You Will Avoid These Situations

  1. The Camera Batteries failing
  2. Your camera stops working altogether
  3. The camera gets left at home accidentally
  4. Your camera flash stops working
  5. The non pro you hired does not even show up
  6. You delete files in the camera by accident
  7. Your camera falls and is left unusable
  8. The memory card show FULL, just as an important shot arrives
  9. Never see Red Eye again in your images
  10. Disapointed with the results from just anyone taking pitures

You would never want any of these horror story situations?

Family Photo Events -First Holy Communion PhotographyFamily Photo Events -First Holy Communion

My Family Photo Events packages are an incredible bundle of cost effective value added services and Benefits.

The services are fashioned together so that you and your family can enjoy and absorb the great party atmosphere you worked hard on to create.

Don't ever agonize over lost photo opportunities?

Included When You Order
Family Photo Events Coverage

-Session time to cover your family photo event

-An album of 4x6 edited prints

-A CD of all the images you can use to make reprints,use on facebook,email, instagram and twitter

-A Beautiful DVD slideshow of all the images in your photo album-

-free local delivery to your home

-Reliable Professional with over 25 yrs Experience photographing family photo events

Family Photo Event -First Communion PicturesFamily Photo Events -First Communion Photography -Woodbridge Ontario

Anxiety,stress and preoccupation of having to deal with the Photography part of your Event preparations can and should be avoided.

 What is truly important is your enjoyment at your milestone Family Event and receiving great documentary photographs

Replace all the worries with a Trusting,Fun and cost effective professional Photographer.

Holy Baptism represents the 1st of the Holy Sacraments.

Your newly born child will be photographed in front of family and friends at home and also at your Parrish, a must have set of photographs for you.

First Holy Communion photography marks the celebration of the 2nd sacrament is will be a milestone moment for you son/daughter.

By taking advantage of my benefit filled package,you will enjoy the event as I record unforgettable images of the day.

Holy Confirmation photos will document the 3rd Sacrament in the life of your young adult.You can have vibrant images at your home, my studio and also at your place of Worship.

Do you remember the feelings you felt the year of your Prom ?

Prom is a Grand event, worth of special photographs to show the end of a chapter in your son/daughters senior year.

As Prom photographer, I can help you and the kids co-ordinate a session with friends to capture some awesome images without high costs.

Family Photo Events like a Sweet 16 celebration are fantastic times to record a grand style of photography for your daughter and her friends.

 Each and every Sweet 16 Event has a unique theme unto themselves and are always an Honor to cover.

Unparalleled Family photo events as Anniversary Parties mark unique moments in history. Imagine how a couple celebrating a 25th or 50th Wedding Anniversary Party would be feeling, the time span and life sharing your family or friends have spent together.

Engagement photo ideas are a fun and exciting way for a young couple to express themselves. The themes and locations of the photo sessions are limited only by your thoughts and goals. 

Graduation Pictures confirm a closing of a chapter in the life of a young adult. Formal High School Graduation photos need not be expensive for you to purchase, contact me soon to discuss your options.

The Ultimate in Family photo events is Wedding Photography.

Many months of planning and organization will culminate in a day to remember forever.

Locating affordable Wedding photographers is no easy chore. Hundreds of accomplished professional all looking to be the "right one"for you to choose.

You sure can get overwhelmed with information after you interview a few of us,in the end though be sure to check your Wedding photography checklist to help sort out your wants/needs.

Wedding photography prices are based on many different variables,so you will need to judge your budget against the products and services you both will be receiving.

As one of the many affordable Wedding photographers in Woodbridge,Ontario available to you, feel free to ask any questions regarding the quotation process.

Please use the Contact Me Form to directly inquire about your event date, I will check my calendar for availability to photograph your Family Photo Event. Im really looking forward to being involved with your event.

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