Family Portrait Photography Sensational Heirloom Images For Display in your Home.

Family Portrait Photography enables you to record unforgettable Family images photographed at a specific moment in history of your family's life.

You will have fun with the natural style posing,and group combinations during your photography session.

You have the option of choosing where the photo session will take place - At my home studio in Woodbridge Ontario, or the comfort of your home or even an alternate location.

Photography can be a crowning jewel to your home decor.

Family Portrait Photography is surely to be high on your wishlist when you believe the timing is just right for you and the family.

Family Portrait Photography - Family photo studio -Woodbridge,Ontario

You may find that organizing your family portrait may be a little bit frustrating.
The Following Hurdles May Await You....But Don't Let Anyone Stop You From Your Goal

  1. co-ordinating everyone's busy schedules
  2. agreeing on a theme that you all like
  3. choosing the right clothing for your theme
  4. finding out not everyone is as excited about the idea as you are.
  5. The Price is not what others are expecting

You And Your Family Will Be Treated To A Fun And Natural Style Of Photography & Will Include....

Family Portrait Photography -Woodbridge,OntarioBlack and White Family Portrait
  • no limit on the time needed to photograph the family, patience is a virtue of which I have plenty of....but if we reach the 4 hour mark at my home studio I will have to walk my Golden retriever -LOL
  • no additional cost for a lengthy session, not all sessions are alike and therefore need their own amount of time.
  • many different combinations of the family unit as well as the complete family unit
  • no other customer at the studio will be waiting for their appointment and rushing to be next. I will not book appointments this way, it is unfair to all the families.

Intrigued By The Idea Of Family Portrait Photography ?
I Promise To ...

  1. Photograph The kids individually
  2. Have the kids photographed together
  3. the kids pictures with mom
  4. the kids photos with dad
  5. Take Photos of mom and dad
  6. Photos of your family pet if applicable
  7. And of course the family portraits

Quality and Fun Family Portrait Photography should be taken from a fun,patient and experienced professional like myself that still gets excited before every session or event I take care of.

FamilyPortrait Photography -Woodbridge,OntarioFamily Portrait with Your Pet

Wondering About What Other Families Have Decided Upon In The Past?

  1. One smiling family of 5 dressed in white shirts and jeans against a white background, family pet included.
  2. Family dressed more formally dressed against a dark background.
  3. An outdoor family portrait in the backyard
  4. kids only photos offer families many gift giving ideas and display options in the home.
  5. classic and compelling Generational images make this type of family portrait photography incredible to imagine and plan.

I have had the priviledge to Photograph families and their pets over the past 25 years. I have consider this to be such an honor as I am able to create for you and your family a "Family Heirloom" 

Even after all these years, I still get nervous/excited before a session of any's the adrenaline of wanting to accomplish good work for good people.

Every family is different - different personalities, various styles and differing opinions. Therefore I find the whole process cool and exciting to get a new boss with every session.

Sharing images with your family and friends using the high resolution CD you receive as part of your Family Portrait Photography package will definately save you a lot of money on reprints.

Discover These Popular Types Of Inquiries I Receive Year After Year

Family Portrait Photography - Family photo studio -Woodbridge,Ontario

Are looking for a good local Woodbridge photographer for your familiy's Child Portrait Photography ? Discover more information about a fun and affordable session for your kids.

Baby Images, these are a very popular wish list item as they are cherished for many many years by the family and handed down through the next generation.If you have been with me for the 9 month pregnancy pictures, then baby's first milestone will be his first birthday party. Cute baby pictures are just the beginning.

With birthday #1 approaching, a birthday photo invitation can be created with a studio session or a few candid shots at your home, the park...almost anywhere. Custom wording chosen by you is placed onto the image and printed to 4x6 or 5x7 and can be adorned with other materials from the craft store creating a truly unique handmade invitation.

Trash the cake with your young baby is a little messy but they get quite a kick out of it - contact us for more details about our First Birthday Cake Smash photo session in Woodbridge,Ontario.

Dockside is another theme style session, created in studio, the young kids usaully wear summer wear and pose on my faux dock by the water.

A relaxing style of imagery, great for siblings together and also for mom/daughter or dad/son.

Travelling out of the country to head to the United States or Europe ? Check your passport to make sure that it is up to date prior to booking your flight, you may need to renew it or create one for the first time. A Canadian Passport Photo is mandatory to complete the passport application. Local photographer in Woodbridge Ontario will take your passport photo and get you ready for the next step of your trip planning.

Family Portrait Photography - Family photo studio -Woodbridge,Ontario

Family Portrait Photography
How About Those Kids

Photographing young kids is shall we say.....different,tricky and always an new adventure. Young kids have a mind of their, they are explorers,they sense their surroundings really well, and they have no problems telling you how they feel and when they are hungry...bless them all.

Patience is the word of the day when young children are in the equation, the sessions are booked for a longer period of time because I build in rest breaks....for parents too so they don't rip their hair out when things are not going as smoothly as they had first hoped.

I have a quiet area with books for most ages and a surrounding kitchen where either a snack can be had at the table or maybe just some quiet time away from the studio part of the home.

Don't worry about the session going longer, there is no additional cost - kids will be kids....and they will be kids.

With a little co-ercing, a lot of patience and a little direction, kids can have some great photos taken.

Parents, please allow enough time in the familiy schedule so that you don't need to leave the studio quickly once you arrive.

Children are so much fun, give them a chance to be themselves and you will be rewarded with great images.

3 generations
the ultimate timeline portrait

Photographing multiple generations is a really emotional moment. Not only do you receive a really special set of images documenting years of family history in 1 photograph, you all get to interact with each other....some after years of not seeing each other in person.

Your 3 Generation portraits can be made in the comfort of your home or at my family photo studio in Woodbridge,Ontario.

3 Generations Portrait -Family photo studio-Woodbridge,Ontario3 Generations Portrait

Adding The Family Pet

Extra special for the family and also myself is the inclusion of your family pet, the session may last a tad longer as your pet needs to be comfortable with all that is going on.

They may need a little play time to relax, and maybe he wants a little matter though, a little patience by all and you'll be rewarded with a great family portrait.

Should the session not materialize at all and without any images, no additional cost will be incurred by you, only a new session time is needed for another the way, this situation has yet to occur.

If your only shopping for your dog, then visit me for a few cute dog pictures of your best little friend.

Family Portrait Photography 
Maternity -Pregnancy Images

Pregnancy Pictures - Family photo studio -Woodbridge,Ontario

More and More young couples and families in general are choosing to have Pregnancy Pictures created to cherish the memories of the images of a life in progress.

Call 416-559-9243 to set up a session time or use the Contact Me Form with any questions you may have.

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