Family Reunion Photo
Recapturs Old Family Memories
While Creating New Ones

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 Masterminding a Family Reunion Photo has been your pet project for a long time.Your goal will finally be completed once you have crossed the I's and dotted the T's.and gotten everyone to all agree on all the details....easy enough right ?

You worked pretty hard to gather family members from all four corners of our little planet for your warm get together, juggling all those schedules and trying to find a common date and time.

A Family Reunion Photo culminates months of scheduling so everyone can make sure they could attend and enjoy themselves. You sat back and carved out a well worded Family Reunion Invitation Letter ( some of your best literary work ever )

The photographs that are taken will be many and varied with your permission, after all you've this hard just to get them all here.

Depending on the number of families gathering you will want a family photo of each. Then breaking that down into images of their siblings and possible pets. Finally the grand photo can be arranged and taken.

Details, details...yes - I indeed cover all the details of the reception decor. Do you have a band or rented a DJ ? -You'll get photos of all the details.Flowers, guest speakers and even the kids saying Grace Before Meals.

All these images become family heirlooms. Any children involved will one day look back at these images and tell their children of the treasure that is a Family Reunion Photo.

Planning Your Family Reunion Photo
Here Are Some Details To Keep In Mind

Family Reunion cakeFamily Reunion Photo - Photography by Robbie
  1. Clothing details, especially with a large number of people involved. You will want some sort of saneness, the visual chaos otherwise with wild contrasting colors and patterns will take away from your goal of a great portrait.
  2. Location choices. Will your portrait be staged inside or outdoors.If the outdoors is chosen, weather may play a factor depending on the season chosen. Inside locations are more predictable with less things that can go wrong.
  3. When young children are involved, choose or schedule early times or early afternoons before kids have a chance to run of steam and need bedtime.
  4. Please allow plenty of time to photograph each family, the siblings of each family as well as the big Photo everyone will surely like.
  5. Don't rush becuase you have something else scheduled, enjoy the company of family members you worked hard to gather in one never will be sure if there will be another opportunity to stage the event abd you won't regret the decision to take lots of photographs.

Photo Session Results
What Do We Receive ?

  • you will receive as much session time as you need, there is never a penalty or added charge for going into overtime.
  • each family will receive their own mini album with edited 4x6 proofs 
  • All families will receive a CD of all the files so they can make reprints on their own if they wish and share with social medias
  • Everyone will have access to see all the images in a free online photo viewing gallery
  • The opportunity to purchase the Family Reunion Photo in the size that fits your home best.You want to make sure it's just the right size and not overpower a small wall or leave too much wall space for larger homes.

Family Reunion Ideas

  1. When you Plan a Family Reunion one of the first decisions will be -inside or outside themed event
  2. Fun Family reunion ideas can include some creativity by adding family reunion tshirt designs. They are inexpensively made and given enough time, this vendor will give you lots of choices.
  3. There are always a few in the families that love coming up with new things to. Plan ahead and come up with some fun and creative family reunion game ideas. They can be based on TV shows you grew up with, Trivia, 
.(Make your own Family Reunion T-Shirts on Zazzle Its easy and affordable )

Make Your Own Family Reunion T shirts easily and inexpensively. The vendor linked above offers plenty of choices that will make your design a hit with everyone.

Family Reunion PhotoFamily Reunion Photo - Photography by Robbie

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Canvas Gallery Wrap VS. Frames

The decision to whether to purchase a beautiful canvas gallery wrap or purchase a mat and frame combination all comes down to personal prefernces. The gallery wrap requires no frame and comes ready to hang, while the frame and mat combination needs to be mounted with standard framing hardware.....its all in the eyes of the end users, there is no wrong choice.

Custom framing is available, or purchase a standard stock frame from one of the many suppliers of photography goods.

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