High Key Photography
Photographs That Snap To Attention

High Key Photography -Youth Sports Photos

I absolutely fell in love with the results from high key photography in my early days of learning photography.

I had discovered a style of picture taking that really focused on the subject being photographed.

The final images you will receive just absolutely jump off the printed paper or screen and grab hold of your attention, especially bright vibrant contrasting colors.

When you view high key photography images You will soon find that Your eyes are not distracted with busy or off color backgrounds.

This allows your eyes to keep their focus directly on the center of attention.

The Colorful clothing or costumes that you can bring with you when you come to be photographed will be greatly emphasized when the photographer uses a high key photography setup.

I would humbly describe the overall mood of any photos with this type of lighting setup as being always light and happy and cheerful, a delight on the eyes.

These Subjects Are Best Suited For High Key Photography

  1. Children with colorful clothing will pop off the photo paper
  2. Family Photos - doesnt have to be powerful colored clothing, can be jeans and white t-shirts....yup....white . One too many strong colors even on a high key setup will be distracting to the eye when viewed later.
  3. Product photography, images with this setup helps to keep your customers eyes focused on the product you want to sell to them...cha ching
  4. Dance photography - colorful costumes and makeup make the dancers images come alive, you have spent a lot of money on costumes and makeup it would be a shame if all those colors get lost in a colored backdrop or busy patterned background.
  5. Pet Portraits - colorful costumes, and the contrast of a deep colored animal fur against the white backdrop setting looks beautiful.

What Does High Key Photography Look Like ?

The High Key photography setup is basically when a photographer uses an all white backdrop and white flooring material. 

A Simple white backdrop paper works remarkably well and lasts more than a couple sessions of being walked all over....except when fido leaves his mark, you need new paper.

The Studio lighting required for bright white photography can be achieved with as little as 1 studio light and some natural light or just natural light only.

However i prefer using 4 studio lights, sometimes 3 depending on what is being photographed.

My studio lights are permanantly installed on the walls at my home studio in Woodbridge,On.This makes for easy positioning and adds a bit of safety keeping them off the floor

Id like you know to just imagine how pretty the saturation of colors would look -any bright colors or darker pastels would look great against a white background setting.

Perfect For Invitation And Announcements

Baptism Photo InvitationBaptism Photo Invitation

One of the occassions where I like to steer the project towards a bright white setup occurs when the plan calls for me to create an invitation or announcement.

The white background separation allows for a subject to be photographed as well as leave ample white space to be filled with the text you need to communicate a message or sell a story.

For previous projects I have created Communion Invitations, Menu photos, engagement announcements, baptism invitations, product photos and more all using a High key Photography setup.

Another advantage occurs when the time comes for you to be framing your photographs,choosing a frame is much easier to accomplish when you don't have a busy background of off colors to match up against a frame that will likely be mounted up on most likely a colored wall.

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