Photo Business Cards
Proudly Displaying the Face Of Your Business

Photo Business Cards - Do you have these in your wallet ?

Here is a quick question for you...

Was this your reaction when you were handed a business card that is text based only.?

  1. Hmmm, visually its much like all of other of the other cards i see
  2. Wow, they didnt spend a lot of time on their design
  3. Nice quality paper,not much info, and no photo either.

Make a very good impression with your business cards, professional and elegant in appearance at great price points to show your business. Follow the link below and get started.

Past practices of handing out faceless business cards are rapidly being phased out of the business community.

They are being replaced with a more distinguished visual.

Photo Business Cards are an excellent way for your business,be it small or large to instill trust,confidence and credibility into the minds of their prospective customers.

The actual photo session can create a simple head shot for your photo business card or involve something more elaborate.

By Carefully and thoughtfully creating a plan of action  between us, the completed file can be made while you are here at the studio or emailed to you within 48 hours.

Just think, very soon you too can be handing out your own Photo Business cards

I can assist you with...

  • creating a draft of the card using the information you provide
  • embed images and text using Adobe Photoshop photo editing software
  • uploading the file to youself or your own printer resource
  • using my studio in Woodbridge or your location for photography session part of the process.

You Might be Wondering - Hmmmm, What if I live in Australia - How Can You Possibly Help Me from Canada?.

Im glad you asked, great question.

Well, here is what I can do for you.

  1. email me a quality image of yourself to use on the cards
  2. Send a copy of the text that will be seen on your cards.
  3. Wait approximately anxiously for 24-48 hours
  4. An electronic file will be emailed to you for your approval prior to being finalized.

You can decide for yourself where to print the file, use your existing printing supplier to run off your new cards or I can help source an online supplier. 

 To be honest with you, years ago business owners were quite nervous when I first introduced this new type of Business Cards to certain industries.

As many of my clients reacted, you also may be somewhat anxious about having your picture "out there" for all to see and judge.

To their delight they received great feedback.

Just as I am sure you will receive positive feedback from your customers and potential clients. 

Your new photo business cards will show to your customer to whom they will be speaking with soon to discuss business....This is your "Identity" . 

Your customer see's a confident business owner and a connection is made - a sense of trust begins to build for them.

Allow yourself to poll your current clients for their views on Trust and Credibility, confidence goes a long way into choosing a vendor for services and products 

The photo(s) on the card allows you the business owner to start off right with a new client,much like making that important positive connection on a "first date"  

Editing your files with up to date information on future requests is quick and easy, after all,when make your new promotion to V.P. you will want your new photo business cards quickly to distribute 

Attention Business Owners
Which Industry Are Involved With ? 

  1. Elite Wealth Management Business
  2. Specialist in the Medical Field 
  3. Sole Proprietor Start Up 
  4. Commercial and Residential Real Estate 
  5. Arts and Entertainment Industry

 You can separate yourself and your business from the general pack of companies by having your photo business cards made, distributed and highly recognized. 

Customers want to know who you are and whom you are associated with. 

Trust and Credibility take time to build, your clients are emotional beings and your new photo business cards will invoke that inital positive emotion of trust. 

Surveys clearly have shown that a business card with photographs is kept far more often than a plain text based version. 

Guess who's card ( possibly a magnetic one ) will be placed on the refrigerator and be looked at constantly until the day they require your service or product.....YES, it will be yours. 

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