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This is Your first step into learning how to Build a Website that can give you freedom of choice and independence....not to mention a steady stream of passive income..

I Welcome you to my self made and maintained website. OK, it's not self made as "I coded and wrote the html and CSS" . After a lot of roaming in the wilderness trying to find the prefect blend of tools to use, online support help and ongoing hosting -I found the right partner.

Built with the most innovative,user friendly productive tools that a company of 1 or any Big Business can really appreciate and profit from.

Listed below you will see various links you can use to learn more about how to build a website,the best website possible to generate revenue and build clients worldwide from the comfort of your kitchen table and a hot coffee nearby.

Obviously I will be a little biased towards SBI, afterall I now have complete control of all the content on my site, all the images on my site and full control to add more anytime I wish.....something I could never have with other website creation techniques.

You too can learn to build a website that attracts customers and generates revenue from multiple streams -Click here to learn how, it is definately worth the time and effort that you will need to learn and assemble your website, it is after all a Business, a Business that will make you money.

Click on any of the links for much more information than I can ever write about.....I am speechless with my progress so far even though

I have currently constructed 55 web pages of content for my site...on my way to approximately 135 web pages of content.

The traffic to my site is starting to trickle in from all parts of the globe

Proof positive that the systems of SBI really work. They really work if you are willing to devote the time and passion into creating and then maintaining your website.

You Too Can Have Full Control
Of The Following Benefits

  1. Detailed traffic statistics, see where your traffic is coming from
  2. The ability to add content and images at any time on the fly.
  3. Create different revenue streams from within the site
  4. Create and then Sell your own ebook through your website
  5. Work from Home at your own pace
  6. The most helpful interactive forums family on the web
  7. The comprehensive video guides to help lead you through each step of the process.

Show The Tools - Sometimes its hard to communicate to everyone all that is included with SBI. Its not just a sitebuilder or web hosting. The rest of the story is quite involved. This link show a process with a massive set of tools that leads to a successful online business.

Looking at the tools available to you when you proceed throughout the building stages of your website, it becomes pretty clear & convincing when you see the tools at your disposal all in one place.

Previous versions of my site were created with flash templates, they looked "Cool", but Google and other search engines were unable to index any of the pages because of the Flash layout, once you learn how to build a website with SBI you will be super proud of yourself.

My other websites were completely out of my hands, I needed to wait on other people's schedules ( the webmasters ) before any changes could be made....I was totally handcuffed, sacrificing time and creativity.

Wow....this all sounds too good to be true, is it Affordable?

When you look at all the tools you will have access to, the online help available 24 hours a day from the active worldwide forums, you will discover that the price of a yearly fee to host and receive email and all the extras open for your use that the price is a really good deal.

Click on any of the links for much more information than I can ever write about.....I am speechless with my progress so far even though

There are more tools that you can use in a session of editing your website.

The amount of information you have access to when building your site can actually get overwhelming with detail....yes SBI is that good.

Fairy pictures - Family photo studio in Woodbridge,Ontario

Results. Owning your business, specifically when you decide to build a website, the goal is always about results and succeeding.

SBI is all about profitable results. Without any traffic there are no profits to speak of. SBI over delivers on both traffic and profits when you build it correctly. The results posted here feature hundreds of successful SBI ers. Your audience will be hard pressed to find another company that can display results like this.

SBI will help you achieve results. Build a Website & own a small piece of the world wide web.

Can I really Learn to Build Website
   And A Thriving Ongoing Business?

Wow....this all sounds too good to be true, is it Affordable?

Not only is it affordable, it is less expensive than any other web application when you add in all the features and help functions

SBI is perfect for anyone wanting to take back their control of creativity and design as well as putting the responsibility back onto yourself where it should be, who else knows your company or hobby as good as you.

Working Only A Few Hours A day
I Learned To Build A Website
Attracting Traffic & Business

  • To construct a Form for clients to use
  • About the importance of being yourself when you add content
  • to ask questions in the forums and likewise help others
  • To become a better writer
  • to build an independant home based business

Build A Website On Any Subject
What Topic Inspires You ?

  1. Are you an aspiring artist ( painter,photographer,or other art form )
  2. Do you have a passion for Sports,Health and Fitness industries
  3. Are you an "Expert" in a certain field of study or knowledge ?
  4. Are you an avid traveller, then you create a website on a favorite hotspot.
  5. Are you a genius in the service industry or you knit a great product.
  6. Can you create your own goods to sell?

There limitless topics and themes,stop for a moment and think.....If I had the chance to go on air with my own talk show...what would it be? 

That would most certainly make for a great website as well.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is this some sort of trick or scam? -will I really learn to build a website?

Can I really work from home with part time hours?

Can I see other case studies or successful people that have used SBI?

Find out the truth between using SBI to create a site and using a BLOG like Wordpress ?

I don't speak English, are other languages available?

Click on any of the links for much more information than I can ever write about.....I am speechless with my progress so far even though

The amount of tools available to your disposal is very overwhelming. S much so that it makes you realize just how detailed you can build your web site, a website that drives traffic to you and makes you money

View SBI's  Overview Page. This is the best overall introduction to Sitesell and SBI. If you find that your not interested after digesting all of this page has to offer you may not be ready for the commitment needed to SBI.

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Who Exactly Buys  an SBI site?

  1. any stay at home mom is a great opportunity for you
  2. University students can earn some extra money with a hobby or skill they can share globally online.
  3. travel agents can reach out not only locally but far outside their local areas
  4. artists and goods creators can have a global reach to sell their creations
  5. realtors can now have local opportunities as well as buyers/sellers from around the world.
  6. any services sellers can pinpoint local clients while impacting on out of town requests.

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You can start the process of learning how to build a website the right way - profitable and Manageable

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