Golden Retriever Photos
Fun & Affordable Pictures For You & Your Family

Golden Retriever Photos can be yours....if the Price is right....sorry, couldn't resist the famous Bob Barker inference from the classic -Price is Right. He certainly loved pets.

Seriously though, you have a few options when you are ready to have Professional Photographs taken of your pet. 

Give yourself plenty of time and please be patient.Your dog will be very excited as the process plays out, and some dogs have been so excitable that even 3 trips into my backyard to run around a bit did not seem to curb his energy - eventually though ( and I mean eventually ) he calmed down enough and had fun.

Shooting locations can include many options :

  1. Having a studio session at my home in Woodbridge,ON
  2. Get your Golden Retriever photos done at your home location
  3. Road trip photo session to a local park or field.
  4. Or your Golden retriever would like photos in multiple locations.

The Pawfect Photo Package.....

Is Just Waiting For You and Your Pet

golden retriever photos -woodbridge Ontario pet photographerGolden Retriever Portrait

Pictured above is BARNEY

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Golden retrievers are so photogenic,they go out of there way, they love to constantly look to please and impress you. They will act like hams in front of the camera eager to show off for you, hyper attentive to sounds and our every moves.

Once we have discussed the location(s) and the session outline is planned, the next choices will be the end product you are looking for....more on that a bit later on.

What exactly happens at the photo session
If I Want Golden Retriever Photos ?

  • Introductions are made between us all, we get to know each other a bit and allow your pet to be comfortable with the surrounding and myself ( waving around a large camera. )
  • Snacks and a little playtime is in order, nothing gets a pets attention quicker than a snack or the sight of a leash for a walk
  • Once your pet is comfortable and relaxed we are ready for photos
  • Final playtime and nice to meet you's once the session is over, remember your pet is always in play mode...or sleep mode, whichever is serving their interests best.

Your Golden Retriever photos will make some Amazing Photos As Well As Other Great Gift Ideas For Yourself,Family And Friends.

  1. personalized mouse pads of your dog or cat
  2. photo bookmarks to use for yourself or hand out proudly
  3. photo collages, multiple images on 1 print -get creative
  4. 12 month calendar- cute conversation piece
  5. Digital Coffee Table Books -this luxurious hard cover or leather book is really beautiful.
  6. Greeting cards for Christmas & multiple other occasions

Some Well Known Facts About Golden Retrievers - They Are Great Pets

Golden Retrievers are a medium to large sized breed of dog that were originally developed overseas in Scotland.

This breed was used for various hunting related duties and would fetch fowl,ducks and game birds with their soft lined jaws.

The Golden's dense inner coat provides excellent protection on the coldest of days while the finer outer coat gives the dog amazing waterproofing from the elements.

The Golden's famous color varies in range of color saturation strength from a pale orange to a strong and deep orange color.

The Golden Retriever is a very smart breed, an excellent mix of smarts,tempermant and loyalty.One of the best dogs for a family with children, it is equally adept to assisting the blind and the deaf owners.

I personally own a Golden Retriever, he is everything that is special about this breed - a loyal friend,trusting and a great appetite to please.

Their sense of smell is quite powerful, jokingly,our Gizzmo can smell our dinner even before we cook it.

Christmas Photos With Your Pet  Memorable Photos To Treasure

golden retriever photos -woodbridge Ontario pet photographerGolden Retriever Portrait - Family Christmas Pictures

I love photographing pets. Each and every one is oh so special. They have their own personalities and are willing to show you in a big way.

Golden Retrievers make a fantastic family pet, loyal and obedient they have a fabulous temperment with the children....squirels not so much !

For Canadian visitors wanting to know more about Golden Retrievers you can visit here.

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You can also inquiry about specific dates to set up the photo session at my family photo studio in Woodbridge,Ontario

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