Organizing Family Photos
easy and quick

Organizing Family Photos in the good old days ( remember when we used to use film...yes kids, we used FILM ). The process I used to follow for organizing family photos was pretty straight forward back then - pick up your prints and film negatives from the local photo retailer or pharmacy and bring them home. If you were lucky and used a good retailer you also got a nice mini album, but most times you would have already had purchased an album or had one ready but not full yet. And there you have it - after each roll or rolls of film you used, an album was assembled and labelled for future viewing.

The digital photography age
organizing family photos
just became more complicated

Let's Fast forward to the past decade - The Digital Photography age was well under way and quickly replacing film as the medium of choice to record images from your camera.

And for some those people reading this, back in the day we only had choices of buying boxes of film to record and print off 12, 24 36 and later 48 exposures....that's it. For most people though,it was a max of 36 images.

Now....the small ( but very good ) point and shoot cameras from most of the major dealers can equip you with the capabilities to shoot a 1000 at a time even more with a larger memory card. 

So lets put this into perspective. We as a society went quickly from a family conservatively shooting a roll of 36 images at a family function to now shooting off at least a few hundred at the same type of function.

Today when the time comes to organizing family photos the process has become so much more complicated to a lot of consumers.

overwhelming amount of  photo files

I photograph many families, and I speak to them often about how they control the organization of photographs. In many cases the answer is always the same - "We don't, they are all on our giant memory card or on my computer". ( You can't see my expression, but I am cringing " )

With the coming of the digital age came another time consuming issue. By taking as many photographs that we do now, much more time is needed to go through them and filter out the ones you don't want, delete the ones that came out blurry and delete the files that didn't come out at all....And this is just the beginning.

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