Woodbridge Ontario Product Photographer Will Create And Catalog Your Images For Print & Web

product photography -high key photography

Hi, my name is Robbie & i'm a local product photographer in Woodbridge,Ontario. I can help you get your products photographed and prepared for use in print advertising or digital online web use.

Maybe you are thinking of opening up an Ebay Store or a storefront with online merchant Zazzle. Then you require good clean image files that a good photographer can provide. They will help your images have good visual appeal and attract buyers for your product line.

Use the images you receive from the photo session of your products to embed onto your photo business cards. The business cards will stand out from the rest of the other cards.

They will allow potential customers to clearly see what your company is all about. Picture this ( sorry for the pun ), 2 business owners are master chefs. They each give you a business card at a trade show for Wedding supplies and services.Chef #1 gives you a standard text only business card...very nice card. Chef #2 gives you a card with 3 delicious looking cakes on it as well as a catchy tag line.....wonder which card will stand out more and get more attention.

Sell Online-Sell Offline
This Woodbridge Ontario  Photographer Will Help You Create The Images You Need

Many times clients ask for their products to be photographed with a white background. This method allows the product being photographed to have full attention of the viewers eye. There are no busy backgrounds or patterns to share space with, only the product takes center stage. The white space on around the product image then allows you to add  text or advertising wording you wish to use,

Once the photographer has completed the photo shoot and edits the files, you then have options for their use. 

product photography -high key photography

Applications For Product Photography

  1. use the images in email blast to sell your products
  2. placing newspaper advertising's
  3. magazine promotions of your products
  4. brochure creation to promote your product line
  5. catalogs of images 
  6. large posters of the items you want to sell
  7. billboard advertising, street bench signs
  8. online store promotion of your items
  9. Images on your business cards
  10. Product photos for your website
product photography -high key photography

Do You Want To Be Your Own Product Photographer ?
You Can Do It & I Can Help You !

Maybe the thought of hiring a photographer is not an expense you wish to invest in. Some business owners may have the time,patience and knowledge to create the images on their own. But if you lack the knowledge but not the will to learn the process for creating your own product images you can try the DIY route -Do It Yourself.

Following the DIY path, you have full control over every aspect of the creative vision for your product line. Lets assume you don't have any of the equipment required to be able to photograph your items, then the DIY route does become more expensive than just hiring a Woodbridge Product photographer like myself. The choice is always yours, and you have to follow your heart - I totally get it.

DIY product photography -equipment you may need if starting out

  • A decent camera with manual settings
  • Natural light, can be window light
  • Artificial lighting
  • White background, even a bright white bed sheet
  • File editing equipment, a good PC/laptop and editing software
product photography -high key photography

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